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Friday, October 7, 2011

"Misleading Signs"

The other day I had a cashier call me over to help assist a woman who was complaining about part of her order.  The woman had said she bought 2 boxes of the frozen philly steak slices but she thought it was the smaller ones that were on sale.  She said that the sign was RIGHT NEXT to the small ones...  (I know what you're thinking but it gets worse).  I looked in the paper and it said it was the bigger boxes and I told her that.  She got all pouty and started telling me that the signs were misleading and she wanted the small ones for that price (BOGO).  So I told her I'd go check and see if the signs were misleading and if they were, give her the discount.  When I walked back there, the "sign" that was "next" to the small ones.. was the TAG for the big ones. -.- And the SALE sign was directly placed in front of the big ones that were on sale. *facepalm*  Alright.. this woman is just a moron.  I walked back up to her and told her that the signs were in no way misleading and I couldn't give her a discount but if she wanted I could exchange the smaller for the bigger for her.  She said a few choice words to me then stormed off with the big ones because "the small ones combined in price are the same amount as the big ones". 
The lady was a moron... but it did kind of make my day to finally tell a customer who wants to be a dick... NO.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

RANT: We don't take everything you try and return...

*This is a story from a friend*
I was working customer service today and a woman came in trying to return camping chairs. They weren't a brand I recognized, but for her sake and peace of mind I tried to ring them anyway. Surprise, they didn't ring up. She INSISTED they were from our store, so I got my supervisor to come over, who also said she didn't recognize the brand, so my supervisor called over an employee from the department they were sold at, who also said they weren't ours. This went on for probably fifteen minutes before the woman remembered she had, in fact, gotten them from a different store.... moral of the story, if they don't ring up, and your customer service representative doesn't recognize them.... you probably got them somewhere else...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

RANT: Are you actually that ignorant?

I was doing my work, minding my own business when I got a call to help another cashier.  I walk over and try to assess the situation.  The situation being, this woman wanted to buy 28 12packs of pepsi products.  These 12packs happen to have a limit of 4 on them. So, we ring them up seperate... BUT she's paying with Foodstamps...  If you don't know, paying with a debit or foodstamps on several orders in a row EXACTLY the same (i.e. 4 Sundrops -> 4 sundrops) it will not let you buy them order without making it different (i.e. throwing a candy bar in an order).  This is NOT the stores fault, it is called theft prevention.  First, the lady COULD NOT understand why it wouldn't let her just buy the stuff.  Then I got yelled at for not being able to override it so she could buy it without having to buy extra items.  Then I got yelled at for telling her that we can only scan 4 per order since they had a limit of 4, otherwise they would not be sale price.
Well... after that.. let's review... they have limit of # for a reason.  Technically I can tell you that you can only buy 1 order of 4 because there is a limit.  Secondly, I cannot help that banks have theft protection, I am merely a middle-person between your money and your items.  Thirdly, DO NOT blame me and say "God, they'll find any way to get your money and make it hard on you."  As previously stated, I could have told her she could get only 1 set of 4 packs.  I did not force her to buy those drinks, she chose to and she could have said no.  Do people just need someone to blame when things go wrong? 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Listen Carefully...

Alright so... there's this announcement that comes over the 'radio' in the store.  It says something along the lines of "Guess who's paying for those gas rewards that other stores give out.  You are!  Through higher prices." Blah Blah Blah.  Well this guy, VERY rudely yells at me to check him out, then in the process asks me "Where you get gas at?"  Ummm... what?  "You know where, where you get it at"  Me:  There's several places around here you can get gas at... "Yea but _storename_ can't go to all of them so where you go" ...*confused, creeped out*  Me: I don't know what you're asking but you can check the website and see if that has any information...
It wasn't until afterwards that I realized he heard that announcement and just heard "gas rewards". *sigh*

Saturday, July 2, 2011

RANT: This isn't BK, You won't get it your way!

*This is a story given to me by a coworker*

I was working in the meat market one day, covering for another store.  Me, being a part-timer can only do so much.  A drunk redneck came stumbling in the store wanting a steak.  That's great!  Yes, please buy my product.  Well, he wanted me to cut the fat off his steak too (one of the things I am not allowed to do as a part-timer!).  So naturally he gets mad and rants at me for something I have no control over.  I suppose it was the whole "drunk" thing that meant he couldn't handle a sharp instrument to cut off the fat after he bought the steak.  I guess we could at least say that he was trying to be safe, right? 

RANT: As a staple rule for Foodstamps...

We don't mind if you use Foodstamps.  An extra button push is not that hard to achieve.  We also don't mind when you have 3 carts full of groceries that are overflowing.  It's a simple request but... PLEASE check your balance BEFORE you even enter the store!  Guess who gets to put ALL of your stuff back when you realize your card will only cover 16 cents worth of your $506 worth of groceries.  And please... don't say "I'll be back to get this."  If you're using Foodstamps and that money is not on the card, we know that normally you do not have the cash to pay for it and no they are not going to miraculously make it appear in your account just because you finally call (after the fact) to ask what your balance is!  Furthermore, it's the state.  They will not give you your money just because you complain that the free money you get to spend on your groceries isn't in your account when you want it to be.